vPlanner V3.0 is now Released

The latest release of vPlanner continues to offer the most comprehensive solution to support the Last Planner System. The latest release offers best-in-class integration between standard tools for master scheduling and the Last Planner(R) processes of production planning and control. It offers improved tools for production planning visualization to support Takt Planning, Make Ready Planning, and Commitment Management. More information and webinars to introduce the latest features of the new release will be available soon.

vPlanner Workflow

CAM's Symposium on Construction Collaboration

Samir Emdanat, Director of vPlanner Product Development, recently organized a symposium on Construction Collaboration in conjunction with the Construction Association of Michigan (CAM). Over 100 participants from the largest owners organizations, general contractors, design firms, and sub-contractors participated in this four-hour program which highlighted various themes related to collaboration including:

  • The industry's need for more integrated teams,
  • The leadership skills required for successful collaboration,
  • The appropriate contracting methods to create the context for collaboration, and
  • The lean tools and methodologies designed to improve collaboration.

The event took place on January 10th at the Oakland Community College, Auburn Hills, Michigan.

Presentation: A Fresh Look at Integrated Project Delivery

Matthew Jogan, Project Director with the vPlanner team was the invited speaker to present at the AIA Ohio Chapter's January 9th meeting.  The presentation focused on collaborative tools and methods including the use of vPlanner that he applies to lead the integration efforts on a number of groundbreaking projects in the healthcare, government, and commercial sectors.  

IGLC Paper on LPS Metrics by Samir Emdanat

Samir Emdanat, Director of Product Development published a paper that introduces new LPS metrics and improves existing metrics based on research that utilized vPlanner.  The paper titled "Aligning Near and Long Term Planning for LPS Implementations: A Review of Existing and New Metrics", will be presented at the 24th International Group for Lean Construction (IGLC) conference in Boston on Friday July 22nd.



Several metrics are used to measure the performance of Last Planner® System (LPS) implementations. Percent Planned Complete (PPC), Reasons for Variance (RV), Tasks Anticipated (TA), Tasks Made Ready (TMR) are common measures of lookahead and weekly work planning. However, research to correlate the various measures to the effectiveness of the LPS implementation and the overall reliability of work execution has been challenging and time consuming. Recent studies suggest that implementations have been inconsistent. Tracking on a regular basis has been difficult because the tools used are fragmented, and, even the definitions of the metrics themselves might be misunderstood by project teams. This paper overviews common LPS metrics definitions, introduces new metrics, and presents guidance on how the metrics can be applied. This study advances the knowledge in understanding LPS metrics and their impact on schedule performance. An integrated database driven software tool that supports the LPS implementation was used to mine, analyze, and visualize large amount of data in order to review the existing metrics and evaluate the predictive nature of the propose metrics designed to align near-term and long-term planning.

Planned with vPlanner: St Jerome's Campus Renewal Project Opens October 1st

The official grand opening ceremony for St Jerome's University's 47 million IPD project is scheduled for October 1st at 3:00pm.  The design and construction phases of the project were planned with vPlanner.

In an effort to enhance the academic and student experience, St. Jerome’s University (SJU) embarked on a $47 million campus redevelopment program, their largest capital investment since the early 1960s. Given their concerns about the scope, budget, and fast-track schedule, they decided to adopt an integrated project delivery (IPD) strategy, which they believed best aligned with the spirit of collaboration that is a cornerstone of the university’s mission.  Ghafari Management Services (GMS), led by Samir Emdanat, vPlanner's product development manager, provided full IPD consulting, coaching, and management services.  vPlanner was used to plan the design and construction phases of the project.

IGLC 2016 Paper on Takt Planning by Samir Emdanat

Samir Emdanat, Director of Product Development published a paper co-authored by Meeli Linnik, The Boldt Company and Digby Christian, Sutter Health.  The paper, "A Framework for Integrating Takt Planning, Last Planner System, and Labor Tracking", will be presented at the 24th International Group for Lean Construction (IGLC) conference in Boston on Thursday July 21st 2016.   



The paper proposes a framework for incorporating direct field labor hours and costs into an overall production strategy centered on Takt Time Planning (TTP) and the Last Planner® System (LPS). It illustrates how the vPlanner Production Tracker module is used to associate labor information with production activities. The association of field labor hours including budgeted, estimated, and actual with production activities provides an early indicator of risk on projects. The proposed framework improves the consistency and efficiency by which the information is created and maintained so that the system can be scaled to support large projects that span multiple years. This is done to shorten the cycle time between monthly financial forecasting and field labor utilization. The goal is to improve the effectiveness of identifying and mitigating risks of field labor overruns and also the realization of savings opportunities due to improved field labor utilization. The paper outlines the improved workflow processes and presents an analysis of the data collected over several months from implementing this approach on the St. Luke's Hospital project, a new 237,000 sq.ft, seven story hospital in San Francisco for Sutter Health.